Milan Mach, a dentist who fulfill the dreams of his patients and himself

Let me tell you a story.......

  • I started as a dentist dentist in a village, first aid emergerncy - pocket money to survive, military service as  in times when no one does it.
  • Then my own practice in rural area, in Prague and in Germany.
  • From the year 2014 till today private practice in The Downtown of Prague 1.
  • Happy Alumni Attendee of The Dawson Academy in Florida, the first Myobrace Member  in The Czech Republic - strigth teeth without braces and a student of Orthodontics in Private Danube University in Krems / Austria.
  • Dental hygiene  is the motor of my practice.
  • Next my point of concentration is Harmony between teeth, muscles and joints = together with an upright position and healthy nasal breathing.
  • Hygienist, surgeon, periodontologist, prostodontist and an orthodontist in one person... only in this way I can control the system.
  • Dentistry without caries, gum disease, stress and pain.
  • I love patients who care, do not ask about insurance and will pay their dentist per excellent service. My patients are mostly my friends, not clients.
  • Dentistry should be a good hobby  and good business.
  • Dentistry is more Holiday, less working stress and no emergency for both / a patient and a dentist..
  • Do you feel it the same way?  Would you like this kind of dentist?  Than do not hesitate and sign the fun page of the same thinking people, Neodent Prague.  Join the people on the same wave.
  • Be your own dentist
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Hope to see you inside!

MUDr. Milan Mach

Teeth with sureness and without compromising lifelong

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